'City of Vorticity' - New York
Tom Hamilton (CRF 2005)
'Many Places at Once' - San Francisco
Martin Soto Climent (CRF 2013)
'Mashkara' - London
Avish Khebrehzadeh (CRF 2014)
Three Awarded Guggenheim Fellowships
'Gravity and Grace' - Miami
El Anatsui (CRF 2001)
Two Fellows in 'Border Vanguards' - New York
A Week of Music at The Stone - New York
Annie Gosfield (CRF 2008)
'Successive' - New York
Renate Wolff (CRF 2005)
'Hierlieu' - Oslo
Stein Rønning (CRF 2010)
Two Fellows in the Whitney Biennial - New York
Darren Waterston: Uncertain Beauty - North Adams
Darren Waterston (CRF 2005)
El Sueño de Mirra y Otras Constelaciones - Mexico
Regina Silveira (CRF 1995)
2014 Jeanette Haien Ballard Writer's Prize Winner
Stephanos Papadopoulos (CRF 2010)
Transgressions - New York
Nalini Malani (CRF 2003)
Guide for the Perplexed: How to Succeed in the New Poland - Warsaw
Martha Rosler (CRF 2009)
Zanele Muholi at WCMA - Williamstown
Zanele Muholi (CRF 2012)
Two Fellows Receive Art Matters Grants
Upcoming Exhibitions
Xu Bing (CRF 1999)
Project Fellowship
Vanessa Tomlinson (CRF 2011)