2019 marks Civitella’s 25th year of providing a safe haven, hospitality, and sustenance for international artists, composers, and writers. Ursula Corning established the Civitella Ranieri Foundation to carry on her tradition of hospitality and support for the arts. We invite you to celebrate this milestone by joining us at any or all of the 25 worldwide and online events planned for 2019. 


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Upcoming Events:

Civitella XXV #25: Reading & Reception at the Poets House

To close our 25th anniversary year, we’re launching an anthology of poems: I Know Now in Wonder: 25 Poems from the First 25 Years of the Civitella Ranieri Foundation. 6 of the 25 poets to appear in the anthology will read their work at the Poet’s House, followed by a reception.

Past Events:

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #1: Salon 7, Civitella XXV

Kerri Scharlin (Director’s Guest, 2018) opens her downtown loft for an evening with three visual artists (Jon Kessler (CRF 2015), Michelle Segre (CRF 2016), and James Siena (Director’s Guest, 2011) performing as musicians in their respective bands: Younghins, Billygoat, and Tofu.

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #2: An Evening of Music with Ricky Ian Gordon

Ricky Ian Gordon (CRF 2009), whose work The New York Times describes as “blithely blur[ring] the lines between art song and high-end Broadway” presents an intimate night of music at a New York apartment, where he’ll be joined by soprano Jennifer Zetlan. The pair recently released the album Your Clear Eye (Bright Shiny Things, 2018).

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #3: Elisa D'Arrigo & Nancy Princenthal Gallery Conversation

Elisa D’Arrigo’s (CRF 2013) playful, free-form ceramics will take center stage at Chelsea’s Elizabeth Harris Gallery during an informal conversation between D’Arrigo and the writer Nancy Princenthal, on the occasion of her exhibition “in the moment.” 

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #4: Annual Party

Carissimi Civitellians: we invite you to toast the 2018 Fellows and Director’s Guests and honor the 900+ Civitella alumni our Foundation has served over the past 25 years. Save the date, and stay tuned for more information.

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #5: Carol Ann Duffy at the Castle

As The Guardian succinctly puts it, “in the world of British poetry, Carol Ann Duffy is a superstar.” Come to the castle to hear the revered Poet Laureate of Britain, Carol Ann Duffy (Director’s Guest, 2019), read from her body of work.

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #6: Paper & Poetry at Dieu Donné

We invite you to an absorbing afternoon at Dieu Donné, a non-profit cultural institution dedicated to the art of hand papermaking. Here we will see how the verbal and visual have combined to honor poet and papermaker Mark Strand (a regular Director’s Guest and loyal friend to Civitella Ranieri). 

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #7: Civitellian Poets at the Unamuno Author Festival

Civitella alumni make up a large and vibrant contingent of the 50+ poets and scholars headed to Madrid for the city’s first English-language poetry festival, hosted by the Desperate Literature Bookshop and the Unamuno Author Series (founded by Spencer Reece (CRF 2016)). 

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #8: Dorit Weisman at the Castle

Against the backdrop of #MeToo and the ongoing struggle for equality, Dorit Weisman’s (Director’s Guest, 2019) presentation on “The Naked Queen – An Anthology of Women’s Social Protest Poetry” will shed light on verse as a vehicle for empowerment. 

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #9: Casting the Castle

Casting the Castle, an ongoing performance art project curated by Saverio Verini, invites visitors to explore Civitella’s spaces and history. Three Italian artists are involved in this year’s edition: Cristian Chironi (Director’s Guest, 2012), Francesca Grilli (CRF 2017), and Cesare Pietroiusti (CRF 1996). 

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #10: Gerard Passannante & David Carroll Simon at the Castle

We invite you to the castle library for Gerard Passannante (Director’s Guest, 2019) and David Carroll Simon’s (Director’s Guest, 2019) short lectures— “Leonardo’s Disasters” and “Iago Against Laughter”.

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #11: Rachel Kushner at the Castle

A writer widely hailed as one of the leading lights of American fiction, Rachel Kushner (CRF 2016, Director’s Guest, 2019) will read from The Mars Room, the novel she finished at the castle three years ago. 

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #12: Cyrus Dunham & Rosie Stockton at the Castle

Join us to hear Director’s Guests Cyrus Dunham and Rosie Stockton read in the castle library. Cyrus will be reading from his forthcoming memoir, A Year Without A Name. Rosie will be reading new work from their poetry manuscript, Permanent Volta.

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #13: A New Structure on the Castle Grounds

The inaugural WOJR/Civitella Ranieri Architecture Prize recipient will present a completed project to the public. This prize brings a talented architect to Civitella to conceive and construct a site-specific installation on the castle grounds using simple means and locally-available materials.

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #14: Masha Gessen at the Castle

Masha Gessen (Director’s Guest, 2019) will deliver a lecture titled “Parallel Polis” within the castle walls.

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #15: Kurt Andersen & Anne Kreamer at the Castle

Kurt Andersen (Director’s Guest, 2019) and Anne Kreamer (Director’s Guest, 2019) have each produced a diverse body of work, writing on everything from risk-taking in the workplace to the American obsession with conspiracy theories. 

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #16: Chang-rae Lee at the Castle

Chang-rae Lee (Director’s Guest, 2019), a Korean-American novelist whose celebrated work often draws upon the immigrant experience in the US, will read from a work in progress at the castle.

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #17: Gathering at the Galleria Lorcan O'Neill

Roman friends: stop by the Lorcan O’Neill Gallery in the eternal city’s historic center for a gallery reception hosted by Lorcan (Advisory Council Member) and Executive Director, Dana Prescott, and take in the edgy autobiographical artwork of one of the UK’s most recognizable artists, Tracy Emin. 

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #18: Anniversary Festival at the Castle

Mark your calendars for a festival of food, arts, lectures, and performances at our 15th-century castle in Umbria. Corrado Augius, Frank Dabell, Francesco Dillon, Alexander Hawkins (CRF 2018), Pat Oleszko (CRF 2011), and Alexander Stille (Director’s Guest, 2008) will be helping us celebrate.

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #19: Kate Tempest & Benedicte Maurseth in NYC

Kate Tempest (Director’s Guest 2015, CRF 2017) and Benedicte Maurseth (CRF 2016) will be present to celebrate their new works. This will be an evening of Norwegian folk fiddling, spoken word, poetry, conversation, excellent company, wine and hors d’oeurves. 

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #20: "Soundings: Poetry & Process," Dora Malech at the Castle

Dora Malech (Director’s Guest 2019; CRF 2009), will read from her body of work and discuss her creative process, focusing on sound as a through line across poems and projects. She will explore sound’s function in poetry not merely as a decorative element, but as a generative force.

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #21: "Of Mere Being," Jarrett Earnest at the Castle

Jarrett Earnest (Director’s Guest, 2019), will read an unpublished essay, “Of Mere Being,” from a forthcoming book on contemporary artists.

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #22: Studio Tour at Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts

The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts provides affordable studio space for 90 professional artists with emerging art careers on five floors, under one roof, in midtown Manhattan. We currently have six visual artist alumni who are part of the EFA community. Their studios will be opened exclusively for us on this special evening.

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #23: Patricia Cronin & Vivien Greene, with Marino Marini

Join us at the Center for Italian Modern Art, an organization with which we have an Affiliated Fellowship, for an artist talk with Patricia Cronin (CRF 2009) and curator Vivien Greene (DG 2016). 

PAST EVENT: Civitella XXV #24: Dialogues, in Collaboration with Composers Now

Composers Now and Civitella Ranieri co-present Dialogues on December 4th at the National Opera Center. This evening features Civitellian composers who have been awarded affiliated fellowships with Composers Now.