25th Anniversary Festival at the Castle

Come join us at the castle for four days of food, arts, lectures, and performances from Thursday, September 26th to Sunday, September 29th. Please visit Eventbrite to register.  


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Thursday, September 26

18:00 Group 4 Short Presentations

Our Group 4 Fellows and Director’s Guests will present their work in the form of five minute presentations.

21:30 Francesco Dillon Concert

Cellist Francesco Dillon will perform the music of David Lang (CRF 2003), Kate Moore (CRF 2017), and Salvatore Sciarrino.

Friday, September 27

15:00 Cooking Class with Romana

Civitella’s chef, Romana Ciubini, will lead a cooking class. 2 hours. Space is limited. Suggested donation $25. 

18:00 Frank Dabell Lecture

Frank Dabell, art historian, will speak on Piero della Francesca and the conservation of Piero’s Renaissance masterpiece, The Resurrection.

21:00 Alexander Hawkins Jazz Concert

Alexander Hawkins (CRF 2018), jazz pianist and composer, will perform in the castle library.

Saturday, September 28

10:00 Hike

Civitella’s Residency Director, Diego Mencaroni, will lead a forest walk of 1.5km. 2 hours. Space is limited. Suggested donation $25.

16:00 Hat-Making Workshop

Pat Oleszko (CRF 2011), performance artist, will teach the art of hat construction. Space is limited. Suggested donation $25. 

18:00 Alexander Stille and Corrado Augias Lecture

Italian journalist Corrado Augias and American journalist Alexander Stille (DG 2008) will speak in the Teatro dei Riuniti. 

20:00 Gala Dinner

Please RSVP and pay through Eventbrite. Space is limited. $150 charge. 

21:30 Dancing in the Castle

Put on a hat and join us!

Sunday, September 29

11:00 Mass in the Castle Chapel

Please note that mass will be conducted in Italian. 

16:00 Closing Event: Parade, Performance, Games, Music, Food

Performance artist Pat Oleszko (CRF 2011) will lead a medieval parade with Umbertide’s marching band up the hill, and stage a performance with Umbertide schoolchildren.

I am unable to attend the 25th Anniversary Festival in Italy, but want to support the celebrations…