After the summer Fellowship season is over, Civitella opens the Castle gates to participants in our “Winter Session” tour programs. This coming Fall, we proudly present the following tour for your choosing.

The Art of Eating (November 14-22, 2020):

We invite you to join Judith Klinger and Jeff Albucher, heads of the Friends of Civitella, for a unique look at the culture of food and art that makes Umbria so special. Participate in nine days of explorations, cooking classes, and discussions that will connect you to Umbria’s heritage. Just as one cannot separate Umbrian food from the earth it comes from, one cannot appreciate the fullness of the culture without understanding the art and beauty that is Umbria. Jeff and Jude will showcase the richness of the area’s art and history, and will give you the chance to truly experience Italian life as a local.

The tour will include trips to wineries, a visit with a porchetta maestro, and intimate dinners at the castle with invited guests who will deepen your understanding of the food we eat and how it connects us to the world we live in. Come join us!

See more details on the Aroma Cucina website.