Civitella is pleased to welcome Samantha Lloyd-Knauf and Corinne Sharabi as our 2019 Interns. Interns at Civitella are a treasured and integral part of our community and daily life. In Italy, Samantha and Corinne will provide assistance with library functions, the meal program, excursions, presentations, and exhibitions at the Castle, working with both Executive Director, Dana Prescott and Residency Director, Diego Mencaroni to provide assistance in daily office/residency functions and a variety of special projects. Welcome to Samantha and Corinne!

Samantha Lloyd-Knauf

Samantha is finishing a master’s degree in Art and Cultural Management at the University of Bologna and has a double degree in Art History and Italian Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. Following experiences at SFMOMA, the American Academy in Rome and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, she continues to be interested in ancient and contemporary art, collaborating actively with artists and art professionals in Italy and the United States.

From Samantha: “I look forward to my time at Civitella Ranieri as an opportunity to form meaningful connections, to develop material for my master’s thesis, and to continue my goal of working for institutions that support the arts.”

Corrine Sharabi

From Corinne: “Growing up as a first-generation American in the colorful Miami, FL, I have always loved the conversations, innovations, and friendships that come with diverse environments. This appreciation for diversity has translated into my passion for travel and culture studies, which I have been lucky enough to pursue through an Italian Studies minor at the University of Florida. I have gained a deeper appreciation than ever before for Italian culture, language, and history. The opportunity to join the Civitella community is a dream-come-true, and will surely be a distinctive experience. I could not be more excited to welcome the fellows at Civitella this coming Fall, as I continue to explore my passion for art, culture, and Italy.”