Canisia Lubrin (Incoming Writing Fellow 2022) was announced Canadian recipient of the 2021 Griffin Poetry Prize for her collection entitled “The Dyzgraphxst.” Civitella will be welcoming her to the Castle in 2022 as the first Griffin Poetry Prize Affiliated Fellow. Lubrin is a writer, editor, and teacher published and anthologised internationally, including translations of her work into Italian and Spanish. On her collection, the judges recognized “The Dyzgraphxst” as “a spectacular feat of architecture called a poem.”

Valzyhna Mort (Incoming Writing Fellow 2023) was awarded the 2021 International Griffin Poetry Prize for “Music for the Dead and Resurrected.” Judges praised the collection for “[offering] many different kinds of poetry: from elegies to protest poems to moments of lyric intimacy… in all of them there’s an unmistakable emotion embodied in craft, one that continues to echo in our minds long after we finish the book. And this is perhaps the reason why Mort’s striking pages about Belarus are ultimately poems about all of us: they set our remembering and our grief to inimitable music.”

Watch the Griffin Poetry Prize video announcement here.