Baert Gallery in Los Angeles will show Practicalities, a group exhibition curated by Marina Dacci, until December 17th, 2022. Among the artists featured is Loredana Longo (CRF 2011).

The show takes its title from the journal of Marguerite Duras, originally titled La Vie Matérielle and translated into English as Practicalities, which was first published in 1987. The exhibition is the result of a lengthy process of sharing and exchange of ideas by a grouping of women artists. The Los Angeles version will be the third iteration of the exhibition whose prior versions took place at the CENTRALE Center for Contemporary Art in Brussels Belgium (as La Vie Matérielle), and the Palazzo Magnani in Italy (as La vita Materiale). Works and venues have changed, but the spirit animating the project has remained the same. Practicalities is an invitation to look at everyday life through different eyeglasses, accepting its complexity and mystery, using the imagination and the ability to transform matter, to open the body and the mind, to know how to share.

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