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The Civitella Ranieri Foundation is an American non-profit organization that runs an artist residency program out of a 15th century castle in rural Umbria. Started in 1995 by founder Ursula Corning, Civitella annually opens its doors to provide nominated and selected visual artists, writers, and composers with a six-week residency Fellowship of self-directed studio and work time.

Artists require unfettered time and space to engage in their work and the world. Building on the legacy of our founder, Ursula Corning, Civitella Ranieri brings together a residency community of 12-14 accomplished international artists, writers, and composers at emerging and established moments in their careers. They are joined by a limited number of invited Director’s Guests to foster a robust contemporary dialogue that transcends disciplines and geography. A Civitella Ranieri Fellowship changes lives, develops permanent connections, and refreshes one’s work.


“The Civitella Ranieri Fellowship reconnected me with my art. The quiet, the ambiance of peace, the evening conversations with other fellows, a mix of genres. I came at the start of the autumn and found the slow change in temperature revivifying. I started a new novel here, and I cannot wait to jump back into it when I return home.”

Eghosa Imasuen (Fellow 2018)

“My experience at Civitella was exhilarating at every turn. That residency could not have come at a better time. I had just completed a cycle of work so stressfull, I was near collapse. Getting far away was just what I needed. Getting away to Italia was a dream. The new friends my wife and I made, the places we went to, the things we saw, have enriched our lives in ways we will savor for a long long time. Everyone made us feel so special.”

Kerry James Marshall (Fellow 1998)

To be a fellow at Civitella Ranieri is to be reminded that while the forces of creativity can be difficult to court, there are rare environments where receptivity to these forces widens and where one is afforded the inner latitude to recognize and invite them in. I am beyond grateful for the rhythms my life and writing practice took on here, for the slow walks across the dry Umbrian hillside, the generous stretches of time reading in the shade of olive and cypress trees, and for the privilege of stillness and routine that brought lines and poems to my door, when I was present to receive them. Civitella has been a haven and a gift, in more ways than I can know or put to language.

Jenny Xie (Fellow 2018)

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