In 2019, St. Louis-based composer Christopher Stark (CRF 2012) and the SLSO’s violinist Shawn Weil traveled around Asia. They collected sounds and video that Stark has transformed into 2nd Nature, a work for violin, electronics and video that receives its world premiere in this performance. This immersive work envelops the Pulitzer audience in an ambient and meditative natural world.

Three Missouri-based composers find their own responses to a sense of place. Yotam Haber (CRF 2019)’s string quartet From the Book is an emotional reflection on an ancient Jewish liturgical melody, while break break break is a frenzied evocation of South Africa’s rap-rave scene. Violin sounds are slowly weaved into LJ White’s gentle tapestry, while Carolina Heredia challenges a solo cellist to confront the emotional struggles of Anoranzas (“yearning” or “homesickness”).

Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020 7:30PM

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