Kanishka Raja’s (CRF 2006, Juror) work will be shown in a two-person exhibition, alongside the work of Rathin Barman, titled “(Un)Settled” at Experimenter– Ballygunge Place, Kolkata, India.

The show’s press release states:
“The exhibition draws its title from Barman’s monumental sculpture Unsettled Structures, and explores the oscillation between being ‘settled’ and ‘unsettled’, mapping the transitory nature of both interior and exterior, personal and spatial, across time and location. 

Kanishka Raja and Rathin Barman made work in disparate geographies, within the context of different spaces and times, yet they have strong converging points of interest. Both have lived their formative years in a land and environment far removed, both physically and aesthetically, from where they practise(d). They have both used their memories and past influences to build a vocabulary of their present concerns. They have also built connections through ethnographic explorations and lived conditions to build a scaffolding to navigate their practice.  

Perhaps, apart from all these commonalities, the strongest connection between the two artists is that of migration, of living and making a life and an artistic practice far away from one’s homeland, and through their lived experience, incorporating within them both a point of entry and departure through their personal migratory experiences.”

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