Letter from the Director

12 April 2021

Dear Civitellians,

This morning I startled a “fagiano” (pheasant) along the road, who then startled me with his raucous cry as he took off in a lumbering and awkward flight. Later this morning, Ennio and Maurizio found a baby owl on the steps to the Secret Garden. I wonder if you, too, remember any close encounters with nature here on the Castle grounds.

Closeness to nature is one of the benefits of being at Civitella. From stargazing to picnicking, from evening meals under a crown of green ivy to hikes on farm roads, from bird watching to gathering wild asparagus…these activities bring the natural world closer to our hearts and minds.  

It’s within this oasis of nature that so many of us have found an ideal environment for work and long, uninterrupted days of writing, composing, and making.

So it is with great joy that we prepare for the return of our Fellows on May 17th. Even with COVID precautions and restrictions in full swing, nature will persevere. And Civitella will persevere. Our brief presentations of new Fellows will be live streamed for all to enjoy here on May 27th at 6:00PM CET.

I look forward to sharing Civitella with you in this upcoming season. 

With all best wishes,
Dana Prescott
Executive Director