Letter from the Director

16 September 2022

Dear Civitellians,

I write to you from our Hubert Street office in Tribeca where I have just turned in my keys to the staff. This is my final Civitella trip to New York and with it come all the emotions of closing one chapter and beginning another. I return to Italy this weekend for the last weeks with Group III and will be on hand, along with our incoming director, Carlo Pizzati, for all of Group IV.

Working alongside Tina Summerlin, Kate Davis, Marc Mewshaw, Michaela Olson, Hope Campbell Gustafson, amongst others in New York, has been an enriching learning experience. In Italy, my constant companions Diego Mencaroni, Ilaria Locchi, Greta Caseti, and our troop of interns, have lent insight into daily life in Umbertide and Perugia, Umbrian culture, and the importance of pork products!  I often refer to our team East and West as ‘My Peaceable Kingdom’ as we have all worked together with such a united vision, passion, and good humor for so many years.

I am equally grateful for a supportive and sensitive Board of Directors who courageously face the challenges of 2023 and beyond.

The next Letter from the Director will come from Carlo Pizzati. He brings a multicultural and international background to Civitella and we all await his arrival with great pleasure.

Please keep in touch!

Dana Prescott
Executive Director