Letter from the Director

Dear Civitellians, Friends, 

The year 2019 marks a milestone for Civitella Ranieri Foundation. For 25 years we have offered safe haven and hospitality to artists, writers, and composers, from around the world.  We have worked with the Count to restore more and more of the Castle grounds and can now boast beautiful well equipped studios for all three disciplines.  Our gardens have changed dramatically including an enlarged ‘orto’ or vegetable garden that feeds us most of the months of the year.  We have invested in staff training in both New York and Italy and have developed winter session programs as well as New York based cultural events.  Our Board has grown in numbers and in expertise and the level of Fellows and Director’s Guests is ever more impressive. It has been my pleasure to steer us through these new waters and to see the outcomes of everyone’s hard work.                                                                                                                                                     
For our 25th we turn the spotlight on many of our alumni to acknowledge their talents and skills and to thank them for their many generosities to our Foundation. In addition we are working towards expanding our circle of ‘Friends’ in an attempt to build wider awareness of the important work the Foundation does in building international friendships, awarenesses, and collaborations.                                                                
A Civitella Festival at the Castle takes place in September to celebrate our Founder and the amazing gift she has made possible now for close to 1000 participants.                                                                                     
                                                                                                                               Join us if you can,

Dana Prescott, Executive Director