Letter from the Director

Dear Civitellians, friends, 

Within these castle walls, here in the dark green heart of Umbria, the lives of international writers, visual artists, and musical composers are transformed by time together. Informal conversations change the course of our work, visits to local sites make us ponder the world differently, and distinct new possibilities emerge that had been invisible before. 

Here at Civitella, where worldwide cultures collide, and where our backdrop is a 15th century castle and Nature herself, we find an unforgettable ongoing dialogue between the physical and the intellectual, between the heart, the hand, and the mind, and between culture, history, and time. 

It has been my special pleasure to witness the many collaborations and marvelous energies of our Fellows each year. As enthusiastic over a plate of pasta as they are about Piero della Francesca, they are at the core of what we are all about. The buildings are amazing, the landscape is breathtaking, and the food divine, but what really makes us thrive is the remarkable fabric woven by the Fellows themselves. For some, the greatest value of their stay at Civitella has been the freedom to dive unfettered into work, for others it has been the friendships and global understandings they found with peers from around the world; and for others yet, it would be the chance to partake of this particularly magical corner of Italian landscape and culture. 

Civitella is committed to continuing to bring together international participants to experience this very special place. We welcome your interest and support of our global exploration. 

Dana Prescott, Executive Director