Letter from the Director

9 May 2022

Dear Civitellians,

After a two year lapse due to Covid, this year my little hometown of Gubbio was able to continue its longstanding tradition of marking Good Friday with a procession. 

It’s an eerie and moving evening. Hooded men shake rattles, sing mournfully, and march through each piazza, followed by a wooden statue of the body of Christ. Behind them, a Madonna statue rises as rows of women sing hymns to her praise and devastation. No matter your faith, as a spectator you feel a part of the commemoration, its desolation and pain; perhaps even more so this year, with the war in Ukraine as our backdrop.  

At Civitella we were lucky to welcome Boris and Lyudmyla Khersonsky (DGs 2022) from Odessa through the quick thinking of Ann Kjellberg (DG 2016) and the Joseph Brodsky Foundation. Having them here unified all of us on staff in offering safe harbor and nourishment. I am grateful that our Board reacted immediately and enthusiastically to the idea of bringing them to Civitella.  

This is the beauty of work at Civitella, to be united in our vision and, by remaining nimble and flexible, to play a small part in doing the right thing. 

Please take a moment to watch our new Civitella video, “Chasing Work,” masterfully directed by Gael Towey (DG 2015) and shot at the Castle with Group 3, 2021. 

Dana Prescott
Executive Director