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Civitella Ranieri celebrates and is committed to diversity and inclusion.  We are an equal opportunity workplace and an affirmative action employer.

“It would take a far more brilliant wordsmith than me to articulate the Civitella experience fully. It starts, I think, with an extraordinary group of people who make these buildings and their community tick. And together with the Fellows, they create an atmosphere which is at once completely down to earth, and unbelievably rarefied. The latter, because such opportunities for complete solitude and intense focus, and in a turn, for such togetherness and fertile exchanges of ideas, should somehow be almost impossible to reconcile: and yet here they are, completely naturally and unselfconsciously.”

Alexander Hawkins (Fellow 2018)

Board Directors

Civitella Ranieri Foundation has a Board that is comprised of friends and relatives of the donor, as well as professionals from philanthropy, academia, finance and law. The Board plays a vital role in maintaining the mission, health, and direction of Civitella Ranieri Foundation. It sets goals and policies, oversees the endowment, assesses the program and the Executive Director, as well as attends to board development. 

“There are no words to express how deeply appreciative I am for this time, this magic place, this gift of integrity. The sounds, the textures, the light, the flavors, the camaraderie filled my days with a new sense of hope that we can all support each other’s artistic vision to create a more harmonious world for all.”

Jane Rigler (Fellow 2016)