The installation “A Moon For A Sun” by current Fellow Stacy Lynn Waddel will premiere at Sala 1 in Rome on Saturday, October 22 at 6:00 PM.

This site-specific installation, curated by Mary Angela Schroth, includes an ongoing series entitled “Damaged Emergency Blankets.” Conceived from squares of Mylar, these pieces are simultaneously abstract two-dimensional fields and pliable sculptural stock that can be shaped into a variety of forms. Waddell writes: “In the last few years, these reflective blankets have become a symbol for those persons that make the harrowing journey of migration from various parts of the world in search of refuge and Latino children in internment camps that have been forcibly separated from their families during the immigration debacle that has become a global symbol of misconduct and nationalist fear.”

The exhibition will be on view until December 15. More information at this link.