2024:  A new year and for Civitella a new decade. For 30 years, artists from over 100 countries around the world have found a peaceful and welcoming place for work in an inspiring and supportive community. Time at the Castle, nurtured by the kind care and attention of our dedicated staff, has accelerated the Fellows’ pursuit of new directions or completing a work in progress. None of that has changed and that mission remains the clear focus of the board and staff. 

Change always comes over time, and it’s no different at Civitella. After the retirement in 2022 of Dana Prescott, our long-term executive director, the board hired two executive directors, in sequence, both of whom departed over the course of 16 months. Unfortunate? Yes. However, this indicates an iron-clad commitment by the board to our mission and to keep to our exacting standards for new leadership. Here at the start of a new year, we are taking a step back to re-examine the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Director to better suit the current and future needs of the strong and resilient Civitella that we have built and cherish. We expect to announce a new search process within months. In the meantime, our programs and projects are expertly managed by our very capable and seasoned staff, ensuring smooth running until a new leader is in place. We are grateful for the dedicated leadership of Residency Director Diego Mencaroni, currently serving as Interim Director, and we continue to benefit from ongoing consultations with our previous Executive Director Dana Prescott.

Meanwhile, our best wishes for the new year.  Please stay in touch as we will with you.

Jennifer Dowley

Chair, Board of Directors