In this collection of new essays, twenty-five writers deftly explore a trait they’ve inherited from a parent, reflecting on how it affects the lives they lead today—how it shifts their relationship to that parent (sometimes posthumously) and to their sense of self.

Edited and with an introduction by Lise Funderburg (CRF 2014), Apple, Tree’s lineup of writers brings eloquence, integrity, and humor to topics such as arrogance, obsession, psychics, grudges, table manners, luck, and laundry. Civitellian contributors include Laura van den Berg (CRF 2018), Donna Masini (CRF 2011), Executive Director Dana Prescott, and former Senior Program Associate Marc Mewshaw (DG 2008).

There are readings from “Apple, Tree” all throughout the country, with an upcoming reading on September 10th at the KGB Bar in New York City. This reading will have Dana Prescott and Marc Mewshaw Present.

On September 18th, Donna Masini will be reading in New York City at the Shakespeare & Company Bookstore.

September 26th, Marc Mewshaw will be reading again, this time at Book Culture in New York City.

Then, on November 8th, Laura van den Berg will read in Cambridge, MA at Porter Square Books.

Check Lise Funderberg’s site here to find a reading near you.