Arthur Simms (DG 2008) speaks with Hyperallergic about a family portrait, “Kingston, Jamaica 1968,” painted by his wife Lucy Fradkin (DG 2008) in an interview for the series entitled “Artists Quarantine With Their Art Collections.” The author of the piece, Stephen Maine, asks artists: In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, do you look at your personal collection differently now, and which works in particular? Simms’ response about Fradkin’s piece, based on a family photo: “The photograph is a treasure with lots of meaning from our past in Jamaica. I grew up with this photograph. Lucy’s painting based on the photograph is like a member of the family… I look at the painting quite often while sitting on my couch. I reflect on my sister, her husband, our past together, and life during this time of the pandemic. The work evokes melancholy feelings for me. But overall, it makes me happy.” Read the article.