Arthur Simms’ (DG 2008, Juror) solo exhibition And I Say, Brother Had A Very Good Day, One Halo opens this Friday, November 5th from 4PM – 8PM at Martos Gallery in New York. The show will be up until December 23rd, 2021.

“Simms’ debut exhibition with Martos Gallery will survey over thirty years of production, examining the full range of his visual vocabulary: from his earliest assemblage in twine to his newest, large-scale drawings. Suspended from the ceiling with images on each side, these recent works are inspired by aboriginal artwork in their structural integration of natural objects. The exhibition will also highlight some of Simms’ lesser-known sculptures integrating feathers; porcupine quills; toy cars and horses in varying scales; antique but functional fans; discarded dress forms; and rocks collected from around the world. This diversity of scraps and specimens is brought together with Simms’ unique methods and formal clarity, often as tributes to loved ones, intimations of stored memories, and decisively contemporary quotations of ceremonial and art historical formats.” For more information on the show, click here.