On the occasion of the European Month of Photography, Robert Morat Galerie presents photographs from 2016 – 2020 by American artist Bill Jacobson (CRF 2013).

Based in New York, Jacobson first became known for his defocused photographs from the 1990s, which addressed feelings of loss and the vagaries of memory in the midst of the AIDS epidemic. Subsequently, the work shifted and became sharp, focused, and delineated, summoning human presence through an examination of the vast constructed world around us.

Now in his 60s and thinking about both mortality and the uncertain times we live in, Jacobson extends his exploration of out-of-focus imagery in the new series, when is a place. These dark and brooding landscape and figurative images were taken in Virginia in 2018, the south of France in 2019, and upstate New York in 2020 in the midst of the Covid lockdown. This new work also marks Jacobson’s return to silver gelatin printmaking.

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Photo: when is a place #187, 2018. 30 x 36 inch silver gelatin photograph mounted to 40 x 46 inch museum board.