Biraaj Dodiya’s (CRF 2022) exhibition Every Bone a Song is up now through December 23rd, 2022 at Experimenter – Colaba in Mumbai, where Dodiya lives and works.

“Presenting a series of new paintings and sculptures, the exhibition continues Dodiya’s inquiry of the body and landscape and of related thoughts on support, surface, structure and material.

Simultaneously straddling ideas of ruination and form, Dodiya’s work is rooted in metaphors within the subject of landscape. A relentless construction, deconstruction, and improvisation of materials leads to the final form of the paintings and sculptures in the exhibition. The surfaces of Dodiya’s paintings are dense, layered, and textured, created through a constant process of removal and reapplication of paint, much akin to landscape which could also be a charged space for erasure and the violence of time. For Dodiya there is no landscape without ruin, there is no body without failure and she remains interested in constructing this liminal space – the meeting point between the sublime image, and the inherent ruin in it.

Large abstract oil paintings are installed alongside wooden painted planks and steel ‘anchor plate’ sculptures, titled Interludes that sit at the juncture between painting and sculpture and are closely linked with how the paintings are made and viewed. The paintings develop much like an excavation site with extended processes of layering and digging. Ultimately, the work becomes a record of its own upended language… Inspired by architectural devices often visible on the exteriors of walls in medieval towns or earthquake-prone cities, they repair and preserve, like systems one develops to prevent collapse. Here they are interludes; they are the bones.”

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