This Monday and Tuesday, January 7th and 8th, Civitellian and current Advisory Council member Christopher Cerrone (CRF 2012) is to perform in NYC as part of The Living Earth Show, the intrepid SF-based electric guitar and percussion duo present two concerts.

The first, American Musicseriously and cheekily asks, “What does it mean for music or individuals to be considered American in 2019?” On the second night, their percussionist Andy Meyerson presents, Humble Servant, a solo recital of electroacoustic works.

Both shows are produced by Metropolis Ensemble and take place at their pop-up space, 1 Rivington Street, on the Lower East Side. 

Just shortly after, on Sunday, Jan 13, he is featured in the Argus Quartet presenting a show at Wave Hill, which is a stunning location in the Bronx.