Daniel Canogar (CRF 2014) has a new solo show called “Liquid Memories.”

“Daniel Canogar’s work reflects on memory and the loss of memory. Through his projects he seeks to prevent the forgetting and disappearance of memories as a result of information overload.

In addressing the theme, he takes several different approaches: from a remembrance of the former life of certain disused technological items and materials to an interest in digitally compiling and transforming the changes that affect today’s developed societies.

In this exhibition, entitled Memorias líquidas [Liquid Memories], he reflects on processes for not losing memory, on the awareness of loss.”

Sala Kubo-kutxa  / San Sebastian, Spain
Sept. 11, 2019  – Jan. 5, 2020

Learn more here. See all of Daniel’s upcoming shows/new work on his site, here.