“I left with such faith and optimism in my own work and the collective work we are all undertaking to center beauty in the ugliness, to find meaning in the seemingly meaningless hurtling of time, to find patterns and historic recurrence in chaos. To live, in other words, so that we mitigate harm for more of us.” — Divya Victor,  2023 Writing Fellow

For 30 years, Civitella has brought together writers, visual artists and composers from around the world—fostering deep work, lasting artistic collaborations, and meaningful conversation across borders. This Giving Tuesday, Civitella Ranieri asks you to consider supporting our work for the year to come. We rely on you, our larger Civitella community, to thrive. Providing shelter and nourishment to international artists has never been more vital. Each gift is a direct investment in the lives of working artists and in the cultural vibrancy and harmony of our world.  

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