Poet, writer, and editor Alving Pang (CRF 2022) recently read his piece “Double Vision” on the BBC 3’s series “The Essay.” Pang drew on his experience at the Civitella Castle while reflecting on the importance of movement, exchange, and wanderlust in his life, writings, and native city Singapore. Pang wrote that the Castle “is home as keep – keeping out and keeping in.” With “things constantly moving in and out of the place– the wind and rain, birds, bats, Staff, supplies, stories –” Civitella stays open and connected to the world, allowing trade and traffic to become possible. 

Pang also evokes the lush, green landscape from the Castle: “The air there is sweet with hay, summer vegetables, garden herbs, and the olive vine air of the surrounding Umbrian hills.” Listen to his full essay here.