Board Director Du Yun (CRF 2015) has been named a Music/Sound recipient of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts’ grant, supported by the FCA Friends. “Du Yun works at the intersection of opera, orchestral, theater, cabaret, musical, oral tradition, public performances, electronics, visual arts, and noise. Her work is known for its originality and social consciousness.” See Du Yun’s FCA profile.

Du Yun’s artist statement from December 2020 reads:

“Any statements out of 2020 seem like an afterthought.

I could only whisper to you that I am myself a home.

Home is not a place of surrounding myself with walls but to invite other people in.

I, too, hope you will resonate your reverberance and lineage in my voice. And in them, we find a place of refuge, and then some blossoming strength.”

FCA’s virtual Grants Reception will take place on Monday, March 15 from 6:30 to 7:30 PM EST. The celebration of  2021 Grants to Artists recipients will be live streamed on Vimeo. RSVP here by March 11 to receive an event reminder and the Vimeo viewing link.