Edgar Orlaineta (CRF 2023) & NH Depass have an exhibition opening at Swivel Gallery in NYC. The Tool In My Hand Is The Idea In My Head will open this Saturday, March 30th from 6-9PM at 396 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11206.

“Hailing from different cultural and historical backgrounds, Edgar Orlaineta (b. 1972, Mexico City) and NH DePass (b. 1990, New Orleans) share between them a passion for crafting material chronicles that preserve stories and traditions, and simultaneously create new ones. Acting as both archaeologists and anthropologists of modern and contemporary culture, the two artists’ practices question today’s cultural and economic value of craftsmanship, recording and elaborating of both individual and collective data, formulated manually  and likewise technologically.”

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Image Credit: Edgar Orlaineta (b. 1972), The Triumph of the Machine, 2019, Wood (Cedar and Wengue) and Book, 50¾ x 38⅜ x 4 in. / 129 x 97.6 x 10 cm.