Dear Group 1 and 2 Civitellians,

It is with a heavy heart that I communicate to you that the Board of Civitella Ranieri Foundation and I are announcing that we will cancel Groups 1 and 2 of our 2020 residency program. The staff and I have been fielding anxious emails from many of you from all over the world for several weeks now and given all the uncertainty over illness and travel, we feel this is the correct thing to do.  

The coronavirus is still much less prevalent in Umbria than in other areas. However, all of us in Italy are following the strict instructions of the government to stay home. I have been touched by the responsible manner of everyone I know acting for the well-being of all others. This is a moment to rediscover and re-evaluate all our relationships and connections. In Italy, this unprecedented situation has been met with patience, kindness, grace, responsibility, strength, and a wonderful sense of humor. We hope to see improvements soon, and we truly believe that ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE! (All will be well).

Even without Civitella, I trust you will find this spring time period to be productive. As we strip away distractions and live in a more solitary manner, I find myself able to concentrate more fully on projects I had put aside. ‘Lock Down’ in Umbria is in part a gift as much as it is a hardship.  

Please be in touch with Molly to reschedule your residency for later in 2020, 2021, or 2022. Stay well, please, and wash your hands! Again, Andra’ tutto bene!

Dana Prescott
Executive Director