Arthur Simms (DG 2008, Juror) will participate in a group exhibition titled Mettere al mondo il mondo, curated by Mark Godfrey, at Thomas Dane Gallery in Naples. The show will be open from October 4th-December 23rd, with a private viewing on October 1st from 12-5PM. Learn more here.

“In 1971, Alighiero Boetti began to use the phrase ‘Mettere al mondo il mondo’. One translation is ‘giving birth to the world’, but another more prosaic translation is ‘putting the world back into the world’ which implies a way of making art that Boetti followed. Instead of inventing images, constructing forms, or having things fabricated, Boetti took the stuff of the world, rearranged it, and put it back into the world as art. He used stamps, maps, the names and lengths of rivers, the colours of biro pens. Boetti’s idea of putting the world back into the world is one approach among the many that artists take when transforming used objects, and this exhibition explores the different reasons they do this… Walking through the streets of Naples, one sees small shrines embedded in walls, while the mundane objects of everyday life crowd the historical centre of the city. The setting provides a dramatic backdrop for this show, and several of the works reflect this context.”

Image: Arthur Simms, Boy, 2007. © Courtesy of the artist and Martos Gallery. Photo: Jason Mandella.