Santiago Forero (CRF 2019) exhibited the first cut of his film “Hombre Dorado”, an audiovisual project supported by the Center for Investigation and Creation and the Vice-presidency of Research at Universidad de los Andes, the university where he works as an assistant professor in the Department of Art. 

During his residency at Civitella, Santiago accomplished the finalization of the film by working intensely in the montage and the edition of a series of photographs that complement the project. As part of the presentation of his work to the Civitella community, Santiago proposed an installation of  “Hombre Dorado” in the courtyard and the lower floor of the castle.

“Hombre Dorado” address topics around colonization, race, class, body and identity by reconstructing the El Dorado myth and using it as a starting point to create alternative narratives about conquest. Part fiction and fantasy, the work intends to localize and re-fabricate the moment in which humans of the First World made an imaginary representation of domination.