Honor Moore (DG 2010, 2014)’s most recent collection of poems is Red Shoes. She is the author of the memoir The Bishop’s Daughter and The White Blackbird, a life of the painter Margarett Sargent by her Granddaughter. A new memoir and a fourth collection of poems are forthcoming. She teaches graduate nonfiction at the New School and has been a visiting distinguished writer at Wesleyan (poetry), the University of Iowa (nonfiction), and the University of Richmond (poetry and nonfiction).

See her piece in Lit Hub: https://lithub.com/honor-moore-on-finishing-the-book-and-conjuring-my-mother/?fbclid=IwAR0V6P8nIYTe56f1iiqsYMs_FC_ku5b3-iUbNBFcQDiQgZHNlCMEqZL56F0