Drive-by Projects is pleased to present Jalopies: A Tow Person Show, an exhibition including Carl D’Alvia (DG 2017)’s sculptures, Fisher’s paintings and a zine of the collected images that have bounced between the two artists during the past several months. When asked to define the thread that connects the work of these two artists, they agree that a “shared love of humor and modernism with a sprinkle of the readymade” brought them together as collaborators and internet pen pals.

Carl D’Alvia says it best when he describes his work as “hyper-visual, artisanal and history laden.”  Traveling the world to research traditional and industrial manufacturing processes, he has come up with proprietary techniques that allow him to realize the inimitably bizarre objects and creatures that makeup his pictorial lexicon. Drawing on sources that range from megalithic monuments to toy design and the Baroque, D’Alvia relies on humor, craftsmanship and scholarship to achieve a synthesis of opposites that embodies both the minimal and the ornate, the industrial and the handmade.

April 6 – May 18, 2019

Opening Reception
Saturday, April 6, 4-6 pm
Gallery Hours: Thursday 12-4pm and by appointment 617.635.8255