Jumana Manna’s (CRF 2021) first major museum exhibition in the US, Break, Take, Erase, Tally, charts the artist’s multidisciplinary practice, which explores the paradoxical effects of preservation practices in agriculture, science, and the law. Marking the New York premiere of Manna’s newest film, Foragers (2022), the exhibition brings together nearly 20 works including two recent films and a series of new and existing sculptures.

Focusing on the land in the face of increasing forms of alienation from it, Manna’s films use a range of narrative methods to examine how land-based practices like farming and foraging are embroiled in and struggle against neoliberal and colonial policies and in turn, climate change. Her work visualizes the slow violence of industrial agriculture while asking poignant questions about what kind of future is possible in a precarious present. The exhibition also features a new large-scale installation of sculptures that take inspiration from the fragmented remains of khabyas, traditional and now obsolete structures for grain storage in the Levant. Across sculpture and film, Manna’s works explore the land and its rhythms as the basis for ways of life that can also serve to resist, evade, and transform hegemonic power structures.

The show is up until April 17th, 2023. Learn more here.

Image: Jumana Manna. Old Bread (detail). 2021. Ceramics, plastic bags, galvanized metal. Video: Directed by Nora Rodriguez, Video by Noel Woodford and Marissa Alper, Edited by Marissa Alper.