Kirstin Valdez Quade (CRF 2017) spoke with Simon Scott on NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday about her debut novel The Five Wounds.

“Amadeo Padilla is playing Jesus in a Good Friday procession, and he takes the role so seriously, he winds up in an emergency room in his town of Las Penas, N.M., with wounds from nails. What follows is a year of real-life drama, much of it sharply funny, too, in the life of Amadeo, Angel, his 15-year-old daughter who’s about to give birth, a cast of characters who share each other’s lives whether they like it or not. “The Five Wounds” was a celebrated story published in The New Yorker. It has grown into the debut novel from Kirstin Valdez Quade. [Simon Scott spoke with the author and] asked her to read a passage in Amadeo’s voice.” Listen or read the full conversation here, and see more on the book, released in March, here.