“This project is about communication. Or rather about loss of communication. About a strange feeling when I communicate with somebody over Messenger or sending text messages. Or e-mails. Feeling of loneliness. Feeling that instead of being united we are drifting more and more far away from each other. How different our thoughts sound when they are just letters on the screen of our device. How strange it feels to sit behind my computer and text to my wife who is in the same apartment but simply in the other room, sitting behind her computer. Why are we doing this? Also how strange it feels when the person we are texting to doesn’t reply to us immediately. How frustrating it can be. Even insulting. Why?” Marko Mäetamm, 2019.K

MARKO MÄETAMM’s solo show “ANSWER ME!” On display at Maksla XO gallery from 11.04.–11.05.2019

Elizabetes 14, Riga, Latvia