The Case Histories is a continuation of Wilner’s existential and idiosyncratic time-based artist’s practice, begun in 2002 with his decade-long Making History series. These works deploy the framework of the Gregorian calendar as a means of incorporating the passage of time into the work itself. As Philippe Ducat noted in artpress April 2019, “It is a grid that could have been that of an imaginary artist in La Vie Mode d’Emploi by George Perec. The result is astounding.”

For this exhibition, the artist chose to work in 2018 with a group of his fellow artists from the rosters of our own gallery (Pierogi) as a reflection of his view of the unique community of artists that the gallery represents. The artists selected are: Dawn Clements (CRF 2013), David Scher, Brian Dewan, Sarah Walker, Daniel Zeller (CRF 2007), Darina Karpov, Joe Amrhein, Fred Tomaselli, Kate Gilmore, Ati Maier, William Lamson, Ward Shelley (CRF 2010), and CR’s Advisory Council Member James Siena (DG 2011). In his ongoing efforts to expand the scope of his endeavor, he invited each artist to produce a responsa, a work in answer to their experience of this process and to include these works as part of the exhibition itself.

May 11th – June 16th, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 11th / 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Panel Discussion moderated by Douglas Dreishpoon May 29th – 6:30 PM

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