56 HENRY presents The Enfolding, an exhibition of new work by Michelle Segre (CRF 2016), on view September 21- October 30, 2022. The Enfolding marks Michelle Segre’s third solo exhibition with 56 HENRY.

“In Michelle Segre’s The Enfolding, one can almost imagine the titular work embracing visitors into its own supple, woven limbs. Segre’s site-specific wall sculpture is at once biomorphic and celestial. Its netted form invites thoughts of bodily wrapping; her nubby constellation of threads protect a glossy, void-like core. Improvisation remains critical to Segre’s practice; colors and compositions emerge organically as she spins webs and applies paint. Luminous yellows, reds, oranges, greens, and blues have been dripped and layered to create a nuclear portal at the work’s center – a vibrant black hole, a psychedelic womb, an object of transformation.

In The Enfolding, Segre expands her catalogue of mediums as she premieres her first video, The Owl (2021). Projected on a loop in the gallery’s next room, the work is a compilation of drone and iPhone clips the artist collected between 2019 and 2021 during stays in Skowhegan, Maine and Mount Washington, MA. Segre spliced the excerpts together using iMovie, channeling her affinities for color and music into the smorgasbord of sounds and filters she employed. Candy-colored hues, sepia tones, and X-ray filters tint clips that document a journey from a forest, to a field, to a lake’s edge. As sounds and colors oscillate throughout the 14-minute movie, our senses are ‘touched, stroked, massaged, compressed in the strangely comfortable, peaceful way’ of The Enfolding.” Learn more here.