Yesterday was Christopher Cerrone’s (CRF 2012) birthday, as well as the pre-order release of his new album The Arching Path. The album will be released on May 21, 2021 by In a Circle Records. “A follow-up to Cerrone’s 2019 Grammy-nominated The Pieces that Fall to Earth, The Arching Path is a piano-driven, electro-acoustic album of chamber music featuring Cerrone’s ongoing collaborators Timo Andres, Ian Rosenbaum, Lindsay Kesselman, and Mingzhe Wang. The warm, resonant and rhythmic music on The Arching Path is inspired by Cerrone’s travels to Italy and composed between 2010 and 2016… The works on Christopher Cerrone’s The Arching Path examine how we metabolize place.” You can preview and pre-order the album now by clicking here.