A new photography book by Accra Shepp (CRF 1997) entitled Radical Justice: Lifting Every Voice will be released in March 2022. Radical Justice: Lifting Every Voice brings together two bodies of socially-engaged photographic portraiture by Shepp, who has documented New York City’s Occupy Wall Street movement starting in 2011 and its racial justice/BLM protests since 2020. Learn more and pre-order the book here.

“One of the things that good portraits have the capacity to do is to reveal the human community to itself, creating a momentary sense of intimacy and familiarity between strangers. Accra Shepp’s engaging portraits do this. Photographing at a moment of profound social upheaval, he brings us visually into a conversation with our fellow citizens. This is important and timely work.” -Dawoud Bey, Photographer and MacArthur Fellow

“Accra Shepp is a powerful artist– a funkmaster of human portraits who keeps it real shot through with rich technique and deep love.” -Cornel West, Professor, Philosopher, Author, Activist