Learn about Francesco Simeti’s (CRF 2012, Juror) current and upcoming shows and projects:

Terrestre is open at Francesca Minini, Milano through January 12, 2022.
“While for the classical economists of the 18th century such as Adam Smith and David Ricardo, the forbears of the contemporary liberalism, water and air could not be assigned a monetary value because they were thought to be of unlimited quantity, Simeti has staged a troubling reflection on the precariousness of the two elements. A sense of spleen comes through in his collages, generated by an observation of sky and water that is only indirect, mediated as it is by fragile photo clippings from newspapers, images perhaps of a collective gaze that has become too myopic to see the clear need to stop the loss and impoverishment of life.” (Excerpt from the essay by Luigi Fassi)

Gigli, cinghiali, qualche carpa e poi conigli, galline e asini in gran quantità at Casa Giglio, Turin
Simeti recently unveiled a new piece at Casa Giglio, a solidarity space born in 2019 on the top floor of the Metropolitan Seminary to welcome families of children admitted to the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital. The title of the piece sounds like a nursery rhyme; the project is dedicated to the younger guests of Casa Giglio. This imaginary landscape was expressly conceived as a fantastic scenario in which the children can immerse themselves. Installed at the entrance of Casa Giglio, it aims to be a welcoming message for the families in residence, the visitors and the community involved in the cultural and recreational activities organized there.

Eco Urgency: Now or Never
Co-organized by Wave Hill and Lehman College Art Gallery, The City University of New York
Opening on Saturday December 4
Lehman College Art Gallery, New York
With works by Vanessa Albury, Samantha Box, Nicky Enright, Rachel Frank, Alicia Grullón, Alison Janae Hamilton, Mary Mattingly, Alexis Rockman, Francesco Simeti, SPURSE, Will Wilson, Natalie Collette Wood and Ken + Julia Yonetani

Constant Flow into multitudes of specific Forms
Public art project at Addison Blue Line Station
The art glass replaced 40 clear glass window panels throughout the stationhouse, adding another installation to Chicago CTA’s growing collection of public art. 
Illustrations of indigenous trees, plants and wildflowers have been combined to create the organically lush scene. Woven within the landscape are fragments of Louis Sullivan-designed architectural ornamentation in homage to the legendary architect’s work in the vicinity of the Addison station as well etchings of Chicago’s natural sceneries.