The Wolf Foundation’s Jury has recognized Olga Neuwirth’s (CRF 2016) “outstanding mastery, artistry and communicative skill as a composer of today.” She has been named the Wolf Prize Laureate in Music for 2021, and will share the prize with Stevie Wonder. “Both Olga Neuwirth and Stevie Wonder, though fundamentally different in genre and style, have pushed the boundaries of their art, each in his/her own realm of expression, to serve as vehicle for universal values and humanistic ideals.”

Olga is a prolific composer whose music has covered a vast array of genres and forms over the last 30 years. “Her constant quest for adventure and innovation has resulted in a creative outpouring of a rare intensity and her work is a testimony to a masterful, singular voice that is ever-resistant to outside pressures.” See more about Olga’s work and her recent award here.