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Civitella is a residency program for international writers, composers, and visual artists. Since 1995, Civitella has hosted more than 800 Fellows and Director’s Guests. The Center enables its Fellows to pursue their work and to exchange ideas in a unique and inspiring setting.

“Every once in a while, if you are lucky, you get to experience a place so beautiful that you get an overwhelming sense that the creativity of the universe, of nature, is more splendid than anything anyone could have imagined. This is home. A place in time, remembered with those with whom you shared it. Such is, and will be, Civitella, my Civitella.”

Ken Ueno (Fellow 2013)

Sameer Pandya/ Members Only

Sameer Pandya/ Members Only

Sameer Pandya (CRF 2017)'s novel is coming out this May. Heartfelt, humorous, and hard-hitting, Members Only explores what membership and belonging mean, as the protagonist navigates the complicated space between black and white America.

Studio Daniel Canogar in California

Studio Daniel Canogar in California

Studio Daniel Canogar (CRF 2015) is excited to announce the opening of its new studio in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. With this new exhibition and production center, the studio hopes to connect and be inspired by the vibrant art scene of Southern...

The 2020 Creative Capital Awards

The 2020 Creative Capital Awards

Creative Capital is pleased to announce the selection of 35 projects by 41 artists for the 2020 Creative Capital Awards. Exemplars of the sort of innovative, powerful, and challenging work that Creative Capital is dedicated to advancing, each award includes $50,000 in...

Artists require unfettered time and space to engage in their work and the world. Building on the legacy of our founder, Civitella Ranieri Foundation opens the doors of its 15th century Castle in rural Umbria annually for four six-week residency sessions of self-directed studio and work time.

“Civitella Ranieri is an exquisite place to work. There is a grand feeling here of care-taking that is rare and stupendous and lucky. My weeks there were some of the most productive of my life. And also, some of the most pleasurable…”

Rachel Kushner (Fellow 2016)

Join us for Winter Session

Learn more about Winter Session and the opportunity for you to stay in the Castle each November through April.

25th Anniversary Celebration

It has been 25 years since Civitella Ranieri was established. We invite you to celebrate this milestone by joining us at any of our 25 worldwide events in 2019.

Letter From the Director

Message of welcome from Dana Prescott, Executive Director of the Civitella Ranieri Foundation.

Each session at Civitella brings together accomplished international artists, writers, and composers at emerging and established moments in their careers. 

“There is no place that takes such good care of its Guests and Fellows as Civitella Ranieri does; no place that offers so much and demands so little in return. There is no place that I know of where such a profound relief from the cares and distractions of daily life are possible and where work, even one’s best work, can be done, with pleasure and without interruption.”

Mark Strand (Director's Guest)

Emerging talent, mid-career Fellows, and senior, established professionals are all sought to round out the community of any given group. Below is a representative sampling of past Fellows.

Civitella Ranieri Fellowships are awarded through a careful nomination and jury process by a rotating group of distinguished artists, academics, and critics that ensures access to a highly diverse group of emerging and accomplished candidates from around the world.

“At Civitella I worked hard, laughed hard, and was consistently amazed- by the beauty of the landscape in which we lived, the food we ate, and the art we visited, by the talent and intelligence of my fellow residents, and the effort and care that the Civitella staff exerted to feed me, teach me, and think of everything I might need so I could think only of my work.”

Sara Nović (Fellow 2016)

Located just outside the small city of Umbertide, the Ranieri castle is one of the best-preserved castles in Umbria.

“Civitella is geographically rich, and this asset cannot be overemphasized. The regular forays into the Renaissance landscape are stimulating, of course, but also soothing… to seamlessly blend work and play.”

Ward Shelley (Fellow 2010)

A Female Composer Makes History With ‘Orlando’ in Vienna

A Female Composer Makes History With ‘Orlando’ in Vienna

Olga Neuwirth (CRF 2016)’s new adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s gender-crossing novel is the first work by a woman at the Vienna State Opera.  Olga Neuwirth’s new opera, “Orlando,” based on the gender-crossing fictional biography by Virginia Woolf, is the...

Amy Sillman, The Shape of Shape at MoMA

Amy Sillman, The Shape of Shape at MoMA

Amy Sillman (CRF 1999) curated the Artist’s Choice exhibition at MoMA, keeping in mind these questions, "[is] shape too personal, too subjective, to be considered rigorously modern? Or is it just too indefinite, too big, to systematize?" The exhibition, The Shape of...