On January 14, 2021, Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Patricia Cronin (CRF 2009) discussed how the images and forms of Art History have inspired her feminist artistic practice for over 25 years. From Ancient Greek to Neo-classical sculpture, from intimate watercolors to large assemblage paintings, Cronin’s aesthetic strategy breathes new life into traditional images and forms in time honored artists’ materials by injecting her specific contemporary content into them. This talk also focused on her exhibition Patricia Cronin, Aphrodite and the Lure of Antiquity, the inaugural Conversations with the Collection series exhibition at the Tampa Museum of Art, including Aphrodite Reimagined, a 21st-century/ancient hybrid, monumental cult statue of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, commissioned by the museum. Cronin discussed how exploring the past will continue to illuminate the present and forge a way forward. This program was organized by the Downtown Arts District Orlando and supported by Orlando Science Center for the exhibition of Pompeii: The Immortal City, funded by Orange County Government through the Arts and Cultural Affairs program. Watch the lecture.