Samuel Adams (CRF 2017) and collaborating violinist Helen Kim have been working on a project with their other collaborators in the Bay Area called Playing Changes, which weaves together music for solo violin, the movement of Robert Dekkers and the Post:ballet dance artists, as well as the gorgeous videography of Ben Tarquin.

Playing Changes from Violin Diptych (2020): Playing Changes is an intimate interdisciplinary performance that celebrates the resilience of the Bay Area artistic community. A series of seven pieces performed by a Post:ballet dancer with SF Symphony Associate Principal Second Violin Helen Kim, Playing Changes is an exploration of collaborative art during a time marked by isolation and uncertainty, and a celebration of the resilience and creativity of the Bay Area artistic community. All works were filmed at Oakland’s historic 16th Street Station and feature the choreography of Robert Dekkers.

You can watch the program in its entirety on San Francisco Symphony’s new digital platform SFS+ here.