In a recent interview, Randa Jarrar (CRF 2012) spoke with Harper’s Bazaar about trauma, the body, and voyages in her new memoir Love Is An Ex-Country which was released on February 2nd, 2021 by Catapult Books. While Jarrar’s writing is packed with poignantly violent details, “Jarrar writes about pleasure and healing, and her own power with the same ferocity… This memoir is deeply literary, but [the author] breathes new and hilarious life into… writing about being an immigrant, an Arab-American, a daughter, a mother, a lover, a traveler, and most of all, a body—or, as she puts it, a ‘queer fat body.'” Read the entire interview here. Jarrar is currently on tour promoting her latest book; check out her upcoming virtual event on March 1st, 2021 through Women & Children First, a Chicago’s feminist bookstore. Details for the event can be found here.