Sandra Ramos (CRF 1998) has an opening on January 15th from 5-8 PM of her immersive video
installation The hand of history, with a soundtrack composed by Pavel Urkiza, at ARTYARD in New Jersey. The work will be part of the exhibition Invisible curated by Jill Kearney
ARTYARD. RSVP to the opening here, and learn more about the show here.

On her piece, Ramos says:

The hand of history is motivated by the memories of my childhood as a 20th century
student and the changes in the dynamics of learning after the development of the
internet, as well by my interest in art as a way to explore, accumulate, and transmit
human knowledge.

This immersive participatory project signals how important it is for local communities to
acquire the knowledge of their particular past in relation with a broader global history.
The installation focuses on a critical dialogue with the western version of universal
history as a set of crucial events and influential personalities that occur in a rational,
linear, consecutive, and consistent progression, ignoring in many cases cultural, racial,
ecological, and gender factors.

Formally, the piece will be a dystopian, timeless classroom where there will be
chaotically distributed used furniture and other objects related to education. Five video
animations will be projected indistinctly over those surfaces. These videos will show a
historically established procession of western traditions, portraits of important
individuals, constantly drawn and erased by an anonymous hand.”