Missy Mazzoli (CRF 2019) has been featured in the Poetry Society of America’s interview series called “Stopping By.” In this interview, Mazzoli discusses her artistic influences, the importance of public art, her connection to poetry, and upcoming works. Read the full interview here.

“I want people to hear my music and feel less alone. I want to illuminate something ineffable about human relationships, about love, about hate, about intimacy. I also want listeners to feel that I’ve helped, in some small way, to put the world in order for them, to make sense of things that feel chaotic and overwhelming. I know this sounds ambitious, but my favorite music does this for me, so that’s the goal.” In 2018, Mazzoli became one of the first two women to be commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera; she is currently working on her Met Opera commission, which will be based on George Saunders’s 2017 novel Lincoln in the Bardo.