Civitella is pleased to welcome Katie Buonanno, Greta Caseti, and Juliette Neil as our 2021 Interns. Katie is working with the staff in NYC while Greta and Juliette will be based at the Castle during the Fellowship season. Interns at Civitella are a treasured and integral part of our community and daily life. Benvenute!

Katie Buonanno (left): Originally from Connecticut, I graduated from Bard College in the spring of 2019 with a degree in Literature and a concentration in Religion. I was the head literary editor of Bard Papers, an annual literary and arts publication. I am currently working as an Archives Assistant in the Archives of the Episcopal Church, and I used to intern at Poets House, a public poetry library in downtown Manhattan. Currently living in North Brooklyn, I spend most of my spare time reading and going for bike rides. I am excited to join the Civitella team and become more acquainted with the program’s lively community!

Greta Caseti (center): Growing up in the quiet Umbrian hills, I would read anything I could get my hands on – novels, comics and even phone books. Reading has given me a broader perspective of the world and has led me to appreciate diversity in people, cultures, and points of view. After my bachelor’s degree in Intercultural and Linguistic Mediation at the University of Bologna, I moved to Milan to pursue a master’s degree in Literary Translation, which combines my fascination for literature with my interest in cultures. I am thrilled to join Civitella and to meet its enriching artistic community. This experience will surely improve my creative thinking, broaden my cultural horizons, and empower me both professionally and personally. I look forward to my time at Civitella and to welcoming the Fellows in my beautiful Umbria.

Juliette Neil (right): I recently graduated from Yale University, where I studied Comparative Literature. Growing up between Sicily and the United States, I understand the value of cultural diversity and am overjoyed to be part of an institution fostering connections across national lines. I am interested in translation, and particularly the translation of Sicilian literature into English: I recently completed a translation of four Sicilian short stories from the 20th century as part of my undergraduate thesis. My favorite thing in the world is art and the people who make it, and so I could not be more excited to spend the summer at Civitella getting to know the amazing Fellows and helping to create a welcoming, collaborative environment.