In a recent post from The Tide, a Nigerian daily newspaper, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim (CRF 2015), A. Igoni Barrett (CRF 2018), and Elnathan John (CRF 2015) were named in a list of top five Nigerian novelists. Learn more about these authors here.

“Abubakar Adam Ibrahim in one line (from Season of Crimson Blossoms): ‘When Reza slipped his hand under her wrapper, he discovered, much to his surprise, that the clump of ancient hair he had encountered the first time was gone’.

A. Igoni Barrett in one line (from Blackass): ‘The bribe-sharing, the queue-jumping, the fact non-checking, and the customer-handling were as efficient as any system whose design was alimentary: in through the mouth and straight out of the anus’.

Elnathan John in one line (from Born on a Tuesday): ‘I did not say when Sheikh Jamal asked how my mother was, that when I held her hand and told her I was leaving she didn’t even look at me; that she preferred to look up at the sky or to the ground than give me her blessings or advise me to be good in Sokoto.’ “