On Thursday July 15th Andreas Senoner’s (DG 2009) solo exhibition “Transitory Bodies” opens in Milano, at the Studio Museo Francesco Messina, in collaboration with Cramum. It will be on view through August 29th. Senoner is a South Tyrolean artist who makes archaic and severe immobility the cornerstone of his research and who has chosen wood as the material of choice in his artistic practice. His work focuses on the human being, understood not as a body, but as an expression of interiority.

“The director of the Studio Museum, Maria Fratelli, underlines how ‘among the different expressive modalities presented in recent months at the Francesco Messina Studio Museum, Senoner’s sculpture work seems to be the closest to the figuration of the Master. In reality, Senoner’s choice documents how the variety of feelings, moods and intentions that can be conveyed through the shapes of the body can be infinite and at the same time unique and personal, both in sculpture and in life.'”

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