Coinciding with the 58th Venice Biennale, HEIST Gallery will bring together international artists with multimedia works exploring empowered female identities through acts of celebration, resilience and rebellion.

HEIST Gallery are delighted to present She Persists, a landmark exhibition of works by 22 established and emerging artists from 11th May to 10th June in Palazzo Benzon,Venice. The exhibition aims to champion the voices of trailblazing female artists who have radically altered the narrative of art history alongside a generation of younger artist-activists. Bringing together an array of artists from New York, London and Lahore, She Persists will offer a forum for debate and discussion during the most significant global gathering of the art world: the Venice Biennale.

Curated by HEIST Gallery founder, Mashael Al Rushaid and art historian Sona Datta, the exhibition will bring together artworks which underpin the commonality of the female experience; exploring themes of displacement and diaspora, homeland and nationhood through sculpture, painting, film, projection, virtual reality, photography and performance.

The exhibition will include works by:
• Judy Chicago
• Lynda Benglis
• A series of Guerrilla Girls posters
• Indecision IV (2018), a film directed by Tonia Arapovic starring Rose
• The Paradise Bath (2009) photographic series by, soon to become a Civitella fellow, Hamra Abbas (CRF 2019)
• Mithu Sen

The exhibition will also feature significant works by: Aisha Abid Hussain; Anna Boggon; Anila Quayyum Agha; Annie Morris; Chitra Ganesh; Emilie Pugh; Faiza Butt; Lalla Essaydi; Maïmouna Guerresi; Maria Khan; Maria Kreyn; Samira Abbassy; Shirin Neshat; Yasue Maetake.

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