Border Vista by Anni Liu (CRF 2022) is included on the New York Times’ list of Best Poetry of 2022.

“Inviting, dark and quiet, like a museum at night, the poems in BORDER VISTA, by Anni Liu, are about change and transition, about memory (the noun, the keepsake) and remembering (the verb, the practice). They are also, always, highly attentive to language: ‘Slink, if you wish, clinking your scales like tiles in a quake.” Liu’s work often holds something in reserve, as dreams do, so that “astonishment of insight’ (as William Meredith put it) is especially striking when it arrives. ‘Why document this, as if forgetting were the worst thing,’ she writes in one poem. And in another: ‘My entire life,/I have been afraid of the wrong things.'” Click here for the complete list.

Image by Sakshi Jain